Auras Thermograph: An ambient for temperature

The Perfect Temperature

Auras Thermograph adjusts nearby thermostats so that you always experience the perfect temperature.

Walk into any room and the temperature adjusts to make you comfortable. Anywhere. Your living room. Your office. Your car. A hotel room. The rental car. Your friend’s apartment.

Thermograph will make it warmer in the morning and cooler in the evening.  It will sense different humidities and adjust to keep the temperature comfortable. It will sense you’ve had a workout, cool the room, then warm it gradually as you recover.

As people join you, the room finds the most comfortable temperature for everyone, automatically. When people leave, the room re-adjusts again. Walk out and the empty room returns to its lowest-cost, eco-friendly temperature.


The apprenticeship: learning your personal preferences

In the first few days, you’ll have to train your thermograph.

Thermograph learns your preferences throughout the day– at home, at work, the gym– and in a variety of circumstances so that it understands what your most comfortable temp will be without asking.

Auras Thermograph will learn about your temperature preferences across many different contexts including time, season, weather, ambient room temperature, humidity, and personal physical state and personal preference.  After the primary training ends, it needs less and less guidance, requiring attention only when you encounter new conditions, or when your own preferences change.

The service: Requesting from nearby thermostats

Auras makes requests from nearby thermostats on your behalf, automatically. It runs in the background, detects when smart thermostats are nearby, and requests adjustments so that you always have the perfect temperature– even before you’re even aware.

The collaboration: Making everyone more comfortable

Your Thermograph collaborates with others to find the optimal temperature for everyone in the room. Everyone’s needs are included and accommodated to find an optimal temperature that best matches sensibilities of the group as a whole. At home. At the office. When someone enters the room, the temperature adjusts. When someone leaves, the temperature adjusts again. Automatically.

When the room is empty, it returns to its default eco-friendly state.

The network: Expanding comfort

Auras Thermograph will work anywhere there’s a smart thermostat on the Auras network. At home. At the office. In a hotel room. At a meeting. At a friend’s house. An AirBnB apartment. In a restaurant. In your car. In an Uber. Anywhere and everywhere.

Any smart thermostat owner can use the Thermograph app to add a thermostat to the Auras network and control its operation, settings, and levels of allowed collaboration. Only devices near your thermostat are allowed to submit a request, and you can set ranges to filter out extreme or strange requests.

Your experience

Auras Thermograph also keeps a record of temperatures and weather you’ve experienced. The highs, the lows, and the in-betweens. It tracks where you encountered the warmest weather, and where you’ve endured the deepest cold. See what you’ve experienced in your current location. Or across a range of dates. Outside and inside.

Each successive gauge (weather, ambient, and requested) includes a respective heat map on its display that shines brighter in the temperatures you’ve encountered with greater frequency.

Current platforms

  • Android: 5.1+
  • Android Wear (soon)
  • iOS (later this year)

Release Status

Currently available through Google Play’s Alpha channel. Send a contact request if you are interested in helping to refine Thermograph’s learning models. An extra thanks to those who own a smart thermostat!