About the blog

This blog a series examining the rising tide of ambients and the emerging opportunities and revenues as well as the risks and costs, primarily in the business sphere.

These posts draw from my personal ongoing experience building an ambient app, from my professional work at Rocket Insights designing and developing apps with these technologies, and from observing activities and changes in the market.

About Richard Reece

I work at Rocket Insights, a digital agency in Boston that is part of Dept, a larger digital agency based in the Netherlands. I am interested in information and uncertainty in economics. I am a mobile technologist and entrepreneur, now focusing on mobile’s integration with the emerging world of ambient sensors and machine learning. I have a formal education and degrees in economics, business, and China, and practical experience in strategy consulting, mobile, writing code, and building apps. I am convinced that the mobile smartphone and its derivatives will rival the printing press in economic, social, cultural, and historical impact. We are still at the leading edge of these transformations.